29 Years of Excellence in Financial Services - GEO VPL Finance

Pioneering Gold Loan and Vehicle Loan Finance in its 29th year of service, we are proud and obliged to have garnered the faith and trust of over 3,00,000 clients.

Our services in the financial capital of Kerala, Cochin, with limited infrastructure and maximum customer base would not have been possible without your support. We have been able to expand our services from Gold Loan to Foreign Exchange, Money Transfer and Insurance . The latest in our plate being the ambitious project, Online Gold Loan .

Congratulations to all of you who have associated with us. You are one among many from India to have contributed to the futuristic financial company which is now present in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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Our Services

Gold Loan

Loan amount will be decided on the basis of weight and purity of gold.


We have dedicated advisors and experts from the respective insurance companies to help the customers.

Foreign Exchange

GEO VPL FINANCE (NBFC) has a variety of quality services on offer apart from its loans and other investment options.

Money Transfer

We have arrangement with Banks to facilitate inward and outward money remittance

Vehicle Loan

Buy your dream private or taxi vehicle through Geo VPL Finance

Incidental Insurance

Designed to cover incidental and ancillary expenses (medical and non-medical) during hospitalization

Beware of fraudulent offers by Website, Tele calls, SMS, E-mail, chats or posts via Social Media ( like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc) towards Personal Loan or Micro Finance on behalf of GEO VPL Finance. As of now we do not engage in any business like Personal Loan or Micro Finance. For more queries please contact GEO VPL Finance - 0484 4210400