Money Transfer

We make money transfer easy for you by availing the service across all our branches. With GEO VPL Finance, you can send or receive money from anywhere around the globe.

We facilitate easy and safe inward remittance of money from any part of the world instantly using convenient means with minimum service charge. For outward money remittance, we rely on reputed banks to serve you in transferring money abroad for different purposes. You can sit back and relax, once you get connected with GEO VPL Finance for money transfer, since it is our responsibility to assure your money reaches the right hands.

Attractive Features

  • Very fast transactions
  • Reliable and accurate
  • Minimum service charges
  • Service offered against of your any recent ID card
  • No bank account required for sender or beneficiary
  • Amounts above INR 50,000 will be paid by cheque only
  • Service available at all our branches

Payment Services