GEO VPL FINANCE the renowned Non-Banking Financial Company that serves millions to build a better life was incorporated in the year 1994, by the great visionary K G Lawrence, the chairman of Geo Group. The group has the legacy of over 50 years engaging in prevalent and successful businesses like Geo Seafoods and Geo VPL India Nidhi LTD. GEO became a brand name in Kerala that marked great success in every business sector they ventured into.

From a humble beginning in the Corporate Office at Thoppumpady, Cochin with the vision to serve and support society through reliable financial services, the company had many milestones and has soon emerged into a leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) in Kerala. Today, GEO VPL FINANCE has 82 branches across 2 states (Kerala and Tamil Nadu) in India, serving a customer base of around 100,000.

GEO VPL FINANCE with a plethora of financial services offers a wide spectrum of monetary assistance to its loyal clientele. The services offered by the company include Gold Loan,Vehicle Loan, Online Gold Loan, Foreign Currency Exchange and Money Transfer . Geo VPL Finance is a professionally run institution, renowned for its transparency and trustworthiness, focused on a primary objective to act as a reliable and fast credit source to all sections of the society.

At present, Geo VPL Finance has carved a niche for itself as a fast-growing ISO 9001-2015 certified finance solution provider in Kerala. GEO VPL Finance is a CRISIL rated company, with a steady growth rate. The success of Geo VPL Finance can be attributed to its efficient management and committed staff who deliver personalized services at very reasonable service charges for every customer.

In 1994 Geo Group started a small Finance Provider, Geo V/P/L Financial Services at Thoppumpady, Cochin under the chairmanship of visionary K G Lawrence. The company was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956.

The company with headquarters at Cochin soon developed into one of India’s leading gold loan NBFCs and in 1995, Geo VPL Finance was granted NBFC status by Reserve Bank of India. The company offers instant credit at reasonable rates of interest against used gold jewellery to support customers and satisfy their requirements for short-term funds. With great success in Cochin, GEO VPL Finance started diversifying with more branches in 2001 and by 2009 became the fastest growing ISO certified finance solution provider in Kerala.

Geo VPL Finance expanded its realm of services with Foreign Currency Exchange and Money Transfer. Geo VPL Finance also made a twist in gold loan business by offering customers online gold loan services. In 2014, the company's name was changed from Geo V/P/L Financial Services to Geo VPL Finance Private Ltd. In 2016, the company ventured out to the neighbouring states. At present we have 82 branches in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.